Sunday, January 16, 2022

How Can I Not...?'s Tu b'Shevat! 

Shkeydiah porachat*? Not here in Baltimore.
Shemesh paz zorachat**? Snow's falling at my door!
And yet to blog, how can I not
on this fifteenth day of Shevat?

Memes and messages abound.
GIFs and stickers can be found.
For those who knew (and who did not)
that today is Tu b'Shevat. 
Photos of the almond trees
blossoming for Israelis.

Reminding everyone of 
we celebrate 
on Tu b'Shevat.

It's not about the sun or snow
but of the sap that starts to flow
in our veins from head to toe.
We are compared to trees a lot
especially on Tu b'Shevat.

So today we'll feast and dine
on pomegranates, barley, wine.

On olives grown in holy soil;
salads dressed in their fine oil.

Whole wheat crackers on our plates,
almonds, raisins, figs and dates.

A blessing after eating them, Remembering Jerusalem:
And now with thanks for all I've got, I wish you Happy Tu b'Shevat! 

*blossoming almond tree
**golden sun a'shining
(from the popular children's song about Tu b'Shevat)

Credit for almond blossoms photos: