Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It's Not Just a Song

Remember this one from your Hebrew School days?

Ha'shkediyah porachat (the almond tree is blossoming)
v'shemesh paz zorachat (and a golden sun is shining)
tziporim merosh kol gag (birds atop of every roof)
mevasrot et bo ha'chag (announce the arrival of the holiday)

Tu b'Shvat hee'gee'ah (Tu b'Shvat has arrived!)
Chag la'ilanot (the holiday of the trees)

Well, in this part of the world, it's not just a song. It's a beautiful, meaningful, joyful day of celebration and connection to the Creator of the fruit of the Land. The sights around town are right on schedule. So let's sing it again - this time accompanied by the photos I've taken in the past two days. Ready? Hit it!

Ha'shkeydiah porachat

v'shemesh paz zorachat

tziporim merosh kol gag
mevasrot et bo ha'chag

Tu b'Shvat hee'gee'ah chag la'ilanot!
(Photo credit for this one: E. Resnick)
Click HERE for one of many musical versions!

(or a little bit after)