Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Real Deal

The Iran Nuclear Deal is not the subject I would have chosen for my end-of-year blog post but alas, it is the topic of the moment - and its timing is far from coincidental. Frankly, I'm a bit confused about the process - vote, no vote, veto, filibuster...but as I type, the agreement with Iran seems to be a pretty done deal. History has been made. Or has it?

Last week, some 1,600 Jewish Baltimoreans gathered to hear what is at stake. I was proud to count myself among them.
That rally was not in vain. Nor was the barrage of phone calls, letters, emails, etc. to our Congressmen and Senators across the country. We took advantage of every opportunity to voice our opinion - be it pro or con - to our local, regional and national leaders.

But what about the timing here? We are just a few days away from a far more decisive "vote" which will be taking place in the heavenly "congress", presided over by the ultimate Leader, on Rosh Hashanah and through Yom Kippur. That is when history will really be made!

It occurred to me that all the PR materials that were distributed for the recent rally in Baltimore apply to the real vote as well.
Our actions in the days ahead will make all the difference in how G-d chooses to let this Iran deal play out. The musaf service of Rosh Hashanah clearly states that "regarding countries, it is determined on this day, which is destined for the sword and which for peace, which for hunger and which for abundance..." and our actions can tip the scales.
Our prayers are crucial any time of year but during the High Holidays, all the more so. We can't afford to let these days pass without making that extra effort. When we pray on Rosh Hashanah "regarding countries", we will have America, Israel and the entire civilized (and not-yet-civilized) world in mind. When we ask G-d to remember us at this time of year, we are asking Him to Remember Jerusalem as well. Whether our concern is about Iran or about the friend who is battling cancer or our child's success in the new school year (or all of the above)
now is the time to let our voices be heard by the Almighty and to respectfully remind Him that:

May all our prayers be answered with revealed good and sweetness. Or, as my dear friend Shoshana so aptly put it: May the sweetness of the new year be abundant and apparent.

To conclude on a lighter note, let us "take action" to thank Hashem for all His kindness in the past year. Everyone has something to be very grateful for. In our humble household, the most obvious blessing of the year was the addition of the lovely Rachel to our family and, thus, to our annual family photo. Our warmest wishes to you and yours for a Shabbat Shalom followed by every blessing in the new year and beyond.
Simcha, Yoel, Yours Truly, Rachel, Berel, Bill, Shani and Z'ev

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  1. Oh, my! Everyone looks so lovely! May this year be a year of revealed good for all of us. And may my dear Shprintz & Co. finally get to come Home, to live long, healthy, happy lives in the Holy Land!