Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Few Thousand Words

Don't worry. The title is just a reference to the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, this will actually be a much shorter post than my usual as the hour is late here. It's 11:00 pm - in Israel! With much gratitude to the Almighty, Bill and I are enjoying a slightly longer-than-usual stay in Jerusalem. It's a "working vacation" for both of us but with more flexibility and time to enjoy our physical and spiritual surroundings than on shorter visits.

My original intention was to post a-photo-a-day with very little text. But reality has set in and it'll probably be more like a few pics a few times with as few words as I can control myself to include.

So, for starters, here's a short photo essay on how I spent my Hebrew birthday last night and today. Sending you warm (certainly warmer than Baltimore) greetings from the holy Land and my hope that these blog posts will help you Remember Jerusalem until we are all back here to stay.
Saturday Night Pizza at "Pizza'leh" with Zevy (and Bill)
A "Milky" Treat for Lunch

An Awesome Hour at the Wall with Holy Sisters of Every Stripe


  1. Yom huledet samayech! Your words ARE pictures. When do I get to share a cafe au fuch with you?

  2. Wowee, welcome and enjoy! Sorry we're providing you with such (relatively) freezing weather, though :)

  3. Toby, this weather is PERFECT for me. Still praying for more rain here, though. Ruti, had to stop and think about what a "happy sigh" is - and then I looked out my window at the Jerusalem hills...ahhhhhh. Rena, two cafe ha'fuchs coming right up! Thank you all for your comments.

  4. Glad I can share in your special day. What a treat that you can go for an extended time and squirrel away the kadusha in your pockets to keep you warm when you need to leave. My dtr Reena is at Midreshet Tehillah on the Neve campus for the year. I can give you her number, would love for you to see her....just sayin

  5. Happy birthday and enjoy the visit! I won't even ask if your plans include sunny Maale Adumim, or if you have time to get together (but i will tell you that I'll be in midtown Jerusalem tomorrow morning, should you happen to be in that area...). Regards!