Sunday, January 26, 2014

Simply: Tsfat!

Entrance to the Fiddler's Inn
Being on a "working vacation" has been great for us - but it does have a few drawbacks. Actually, just one: not enough time to visit other parts of our beautiful Homeland. But we did manage to spend a Shabbos in the holy city of Tsfat (Safed). About three hours from Jerusalem via some of Israel’s newest, super-fast highways, we entered another world of steep, winding roads and artists’ alleyways. Our accommodations at The Fiddler's Inn were comfortable and affordable. The Inn is owned and operated by a member of the Simply Tsfat band whose performance in Baltimore several months ago helped hook us on the idea of this wonderful weekend get-away.

Our Shabbat meals with local families (American born but long-time residents of this mystical mountain) gave us the full flavor of what Tsfat – and specifically, its Breslov community – is all about. Warmest thanks to our hosts (you know who you are) for welcoming us into your happy, holy homes and sharing the stories of your lives with us.

The Breslov Shul
En Route to Tsfat
Tsfat is one of the four holy cities of Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel). To Remember Jerusalem is, by extension, to remember Tsfat, T'verya (Tiberius), Chevron (Hebron) and every amah (a biblical measurement - approx. 21.25 inches) of Artzeynu HaKedosha, our holy Land.

Come stroll the sky blue city of Tsfat with me and maybe we'll meet in one of her ancient alleyways on our next visit....

Bill's Favorite Alley
One of My (Many) Favorite Doors
A Modest Message to Visitors

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  1. What a lovely stroll! I almost feel as if I were there with you. Next time, love. When it's a bit of nothing (except holy, and wonderful, and awe-inspiring!) to walk the land on any given day together.