Thursday, January 16, 2014

Golden Sun a'Shining

Our Tu B'Shevat Table:
Five-out-of-Seven Species
of Fruit of the Land
I might not get to see a sh'keydiah porachat (blossoming almond tree) today because the Hebrew calendar is early this year, but per the same children's song, "a golden sun is shining" on this Tu b'Shevat.

One cannot help but Remember Jerusalem when consuming the seeds of a pomegranate as large as a small melon, grown in holy soil.

The View from our Table
It's not just about the peyrot and p'rachey ha'Aretz (fruits and flowers of the Land). There is much to be said about the mystical and spiritual significance for Man on this "new year for trees". But I promised just a few thousand words...


A Cornucopia of Color in Fruit Drinks:
Guava, Orange-Carrot, Kiwi-Pear-Apple,
Date-Banana, Mango-Passion Fruit...
Happy Tu B'Shevat!


  1. AND the pomegranates actually are fully of juicy sweetness!

  2. We have so enjoyed reading you about Israel FROM Israel... and can't wait until it's a full time occupation. <3