Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Parting (for now) Shots

I came prepared on this trip with my longest, warmest winter coat and a new pair of fake Uggs in joyful anticipation of weather that would be described on the radio as "gashum v'kar" (rainy and cold). I didn't get to hear that tachazit (forecast) or wear my gear
until yesterday and rejoiced to see Israel blessed with some much needed rainfall.

My mother, may she live and be well, taught me that April showers bring May flowers. Here, winter rains bring blossoming almond trees.
Indeed, just ten days off schedule (since Tu b'Shevat), I spotted my beloved sh'keydiah porachat! What a wonderful bon voyage gift from G-d! What a wonderful parting shot to Remember this amazing month in Jerusalem!

Now, as the sun sets behind the hills that surround Har Nof, we prepare to depart. But don't worry, I've stored up some gorgeous photos and lots of great memories to share with you from the other side of the Sea.

L'hitra'ot, Yerushalayim!
(See you again soon.)

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